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They will deliver and sort it on a bubble pack for better medicine management weekly and help our guests track their medication. At New Life House Review, we believe if you are committed to change, you deserve to have success. If you come do our program and have the foundation of recovery you can achieve anything. February 4, 2008, I made a call to a drug dealer; I was hopeless and wanted to die. I bought a large quantity of drugs and the plan was to kill myself. “If you come & follow our program, your life will be totally changed.

Dick Ranaudo House

We are dedicated to helping individuals in early recovery rebuild their lives. When you start the journey with New Beginning, and have structure, accountability and community to support you, you’ll be on the path to your recovery. And within a few weeks, you’re going to become blown away with your own success. We offer comfortable, safe, residential living for those in recovery rebuilding their lives. Psychoeducation classes typically go over topics such as medication education, relapse prevention, and drug refusal skills.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP)

At a NEW BEGINNINGS center, you or your loved one will have access to wellness education, services, and activities to enrich your recovery journey. For example, you might choose to learn more about healthy eating or decide to quit smoking; maybe you’ll get moving with yoga, basketball, Zumba, or physical conditioning. If you have special dietary needs or simply want to eat healthier, most facilities offer consultations with registered dietitians.

Meet Rick DelValle, the founder of New Life House Review

Often, residents cannot be placed directly into sober living situations and they end up living on the street or in shelters, creating enormous pressure on their fragile sobriety. Occasionally, someone placed into a sober house relapses and they must leave the sober house immediately – Redemption House is the place where they can go until they recommit to their sobriety. Many amazing things have happened to me since February 4, 2008; it was a day that changed my life forever. Today I am a father of two amazing boys, Ricky and Carson, whom I want to set a great example for.

  1. We empower you to regain control of your life and successfully overcome your addiction.
  2. Shortly after graduation, the first recovery house was opened.
  3. Many amazing things have happened to me since February 4, 2008; it was a day that changed my life forever.
  4. Having a recovery community to be part of is crucial in early sobriety.
  5. They will deliver and sort it on a bubble pack for better medicine management weekly and help our guests track their medication.


Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of their unhappiness, willingness to declare a new and distinct phase in their life together communicates readiness for healing. We are very proud to announce that we opened our fifth house in remembrance of the late Dick Ranaudo, a man who helped many people in their journey through recovery. The Dick Ranaudo House is a 13 bed house close to downtown New Haven. We partner with local pharmacy to provide a better meds management for our guest.

Shortly after graduation, the first recovery house was opened. One of the first things you’ll do as a part of your treatment at NEW BEGINNINGS is participate in a psychiatric evaluation. We’ll talk to you about any mental illnesses you’re dealing with, and will either continue any current medications, make adjustments to what you’re taking, or prescribe something new. On March 1, 2022, President Biden announced his administration’s strategy to address our nation’s mental health crisis as outlined in the 2022 Presidential Unity Agenda. To meet this goal, SAMHSA collaborated with federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local partners including peer specialists to develop the National Model Standards for Peer Support Certification.

Alternative therapies available may, depending on facility, include expressive therapies (such as art therapy or music therapy), equine therapy, recreational therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and meditation. Every American Addiction Centers facility provides its own combination of proven therapies and services to meet your needs. When you come New Beginnings for substance abuse treatment, we see you as more than your addiction.

Many couples reach out to a therapist long after they become aware that their problems require professional attention. Richard’s House was the first house we opened when starting “A New Beginning.” Since its opening in November of 2014, we have successfully helped many clients to rebuild their lives. When you graduate from our program, you’ll be ready to live a healthier, happier life without substance abuse.

It is most common for tests to be done monthly and monitored on-site. Get the latest announcements on SAMHSA’s effort to address recovery support. 7 in 10 adults who ever had a substance use problem considered themselves to be recovering or in recovery.

Redemption House Foundation is mainly staffed by sober and drug-free volunteers, many who are living in our New Beginning sober houses. You owe it to yourself to work with our experienced team of doctors, clinicians, and counselors to create a one-of-a-kind, constantly evolving treatment plan designed to help you get the most out of your recovery experience. Our goal is to treat the whole person, and that New Life House Review Review means addressing co-occurring mental illness, physical wellness, social issues and more. Outpatient Treatment at New Beginnings is catered to fit the individual needs of our clients. Services include a diverse array of specialities including Psychiatry, Counseling, EMDR, trauma specialization, PCIT and more! Engaging in service work brings a sense of purpose, personal growth, and builds relationships.

This program is to treat not only the substance abuse, but the underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma that drive the drug addiction. Our drug treatment program is designed to allow clients to reintegrate back into their daily routine, while providing them with the structure and support necessary to maintain recovery. The substance abuse program provides clients with the necessary support to deal with the stressors they will experience when they return home after treatment.

Without the help and guidance of New Beginnings, I would still be hopeless. 50.2 million American adults considered themselves to be in recovery from their substance use and/or mental health problems. The New Beginning, for some, is the most crucial phase in couple therapy. After opening the Richard House and seeing how effective it was in helping to change lives, we felt an overwhelming desire and passion to help more people by opening up Carson’s House.

You come to us with unique strengths, potential, and challenges; we believe that your treatment should be personalized, too. After years of struggling with my addictions, I came to New Beginnings completely defeated. The staff gave me the tools and time I needed to completely transform my way of thinking and the way I lived on a daily basis. I know in my heart today that God did not design me to live the way I was living. Knowing this and applying the tools given to me from my time at New Beginnings, I am a better son, friend, employee, and father than I have ever been. When I came here, I had MANY legal issues and I stayed for the required time.

We’ve developed our podcast platform to support the redemption house, through extraordinary individuals sharing their stories of redemption. It serves as a voice for the recovery community, aiming to shed light on and raise awareness about the opioid epidemic. Within each powerful stories, there lies a testament to courage, strength, and personal transformation. When you’re committed to starting a new chapter in your life, you’re ready to make big changes.

We also work with local temp agencies, contractors and other employers. Redemption House Foundation is our non-profit organization that fills a critical gap in providing short-term transitional care whose services can come at no cost to those in need. Rick DelValle, who founded New Beginning and Redemption House, a group of sober living facilities in New Haven, said the team can bring those in need to him. When things have unraveled to this extent, I often encourage couples to mourn the loss of the relationship they have known. Acknowledgment that what they have had together is unsustainable can be temporarily deflating and ultimately liberating.